Temporal Static Studios

A music composition and production studio

What is Temporal Static?

Temporal Static is the mental energy that flows through your brain's creative center. Once the creative center is properly stimulated, press RECORD.

Who is TSS?

Stacey "TooLmaN" Sharp - Artist/Producer



 With a serious love for music and an ever-growing knowledge of the music business, Stacey inspires to create the most unique and engaging music on the Indie scene.  Full-time IT Manager by day, Indie music composer by night, father and husband 24/7, and Christian for life!

"With all the 'cookie-cutter' Top-40 sound-a-likes out there, it's hard to hear the music through all the hype.  I want to give people an experience that will reignite their love for music. Music that makes you say 'WOW!' long after the echo fades."



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Stacey Sharp